As a research-consulting group, we maintain a patient centered, evidence-based focus applying advanced technology with traditional research methods. Research projects include, but are not limited to chronic illness ranging from the individual's lived experience in coping with chronic illness to the challenges in maintaining wellness-centered, health promoting lifestyle changes.

Perceptions of health as well as illness vary with the unique needs of each person, family and community. Identifying these needs, within a framework that can be managed, is our research goal.

Mobility Vehicle Solutions

Our primary goal at AMS Vans, Inc. is to provide the industry's best mobility options with our line of wheelchair vans. We invite you to be part of our family, and let us bring the perfect handicap van right to your front door at a price you can afford.


AMS Vans encourages you to join forces with your local community. Reach out to non-profits, join support groups, raising funds- these are just a few ways to show the disability community that you care.

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